Guangdong's bright new wine: Romantic musk sweet wine
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English:EXLIBRIS BACO-MOSCATELIngredients: fresh grape juice (Muscat grape)Type: dry wineAlcohol: 17%VOLNet content: 750MLFilling date: March 30, 2015Year: 2013Storage environment: keep away..........


Ingredients: fresh grape juice (Muscat grape)

Type: dry wine

Alcohol: 17%VOL

Net content: 750ML

Filling date: March 30, 2015

Year: 2013

Storage environment: keep away from light and dry place for 5 -25

Shelf life: 10 years

Bodily Characteristics: Musk Sweet Wine is a very attractive wine, with a pungent aroma, reminiscent of ripe peaches and honey, often with some sweetness, rather than wine is a glass of fruit-flavored soda. The inherent acidity and complex aroma of grapes are unmatched by any fruit-flavored soda. Few girls will say no to a delicious Muscato D Asti.

But if you think that musk produces only sensory Muscato'd Asti, you're wrong? Musk grapes are also used to make Spanish sherry, Australian national treasure-grade fortified wine Ruthergelen, etc. There are also many dry musk wines in Alsace, France, and natural sweeteners Muscat de Beaumes de Venise are produced from musk in southern France. Musk is everywhere from the never-sweet, serious accompaniment to the slightly sweet Muscat d'Asti to the dessert after dinner.

In fact, musk is not a grape, but the name of a grape species. This is probably the earliest domesticated grape variety in human history. Nowadays, more than 200 variants have been derived from this species, and the four main varieties are:

Muscat Hamburg

Alexander musk (Muscat of Alexandria)

Small fruit white musk (Muscat Blanc petits grains)

Muscat grape (Muscat Ottonel)

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