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The story of the winery



The magnificent scenery of the Duro River wine producing area on the cliff slopes of nature presents an unrestrained, charming, arrogant and crazy charm. Since 2001, it has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal and produced a remarkably high-grade wine.

Legend has it that Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, grew up in love with the art of growing grapes and extracting precious fruit juices. From then on, full of God's seductive madness, with a sacred mission and bold innovative wisdom, adventure spirit, brewed a wine based on uniqueness, limitation, classical.

Barkers embodies a spirit, "EXLIBRIS" laid the meaning, is an irreplaceable feeling and fun.

What does life mean if it doesn't evoke that crazy, unique, exciting, mysterious moment in our hearts? When we exceed the limit, life will be full of more energy. The spiritual reincarnation of Buckocks is enough to awaken the innermost feelings we have never confessed, to plunge us into the sweetest temptation, to give the greatest enjoyment of illness, to seize today, to have fun in time, and to live in the present.