Thirteen reasons for falling in love with wine

Wine culture

Why should we drink wine? When you are a wine lover and want to bring her to your relatives and friends, you might as well have a look!



1. when you watch TV at home, the wine will not rob the remote control with you. Whether you like variety shows, TV dramas or current affairs, wine is quietly on the side, accompanying you to enjoy television programs.

2. Take a bottle of wine with you when you are at a party worried that the new friends you bring will not fit into your circle of friends. No one knows wine, but everyone knows wine. No one will refuse the topic of wine at the party. So bring wine and enjoy the party.

3. wine will never be too tired or drunk to go home. Wine is born to gather time. Wine never complains. Back home, lie down on the sofa, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the leisure time after work.

4. wine is never drunk. Unlike other drinks, there is always a day of drinking. There are thousands of wine in the world, and you can try new tastes every day if you like.

5. wine will not be honest with you. Wine doesn't hide, you can learn all about it, and when you drink it, you can fully understand it.

6. wine will not let you choose your friends camp. Wine can live in harmony with all your friends, whether your friends are wine lovers or not, wine will not force you to make a choice.

7. wine makes you tipsy, without any impure purpose, just to make you enjoy that moment.

8. wine will not hesitate to ask you what to eat for dinner. Wine is born to go with good food, as long as there is a bottle of wine, you do not have to think hard about what to eat, followed by the choice of wine OK!

9. wines never judge you. No matter what mistakes you make or what setbacks you encounter, wine will not fall to the ground when you feel fragile and sad.

10. wine can make you happy when you don't really taste it. Various packages, or sparkling wines filled with bubbles, give you a sense of joy before you eat them.

11. for wine lovers, wine knows your heart best. It always knows what you want and won't let you get a headache for a gift.

12. wine loves everyone. Wine is definitely the safest gift. Even if your family and friends prefer beer or spirits, no one will refuse wine. Wine high-end atmosphere, without spending too much to hurt the wallet, generous and appropriate for any occasion, such a gift, how can not love?

13. wine will always be with you. Wine is always there for you when love fails, work is not done and friendship breaks down. The so-called "why worry, only grape wine". Drinking wine in moderation will not do harm to the body. Wine is the best companion when life is disappointed.

You see, no matter what kind of occasion, wine can play its great role perfectly. Is there any reason not to fall in love with wine?