The difference between white wine and red wine

Wine culture

  What are the differences between white wine and red wine? The vast majority of wines in the market can be divided into two types: red wine and white wine. Although both wines are made from grapes, they are different in color, nutritional value and brewing technology. Here is a detailed description of the differences between white wine and red wine.

Brewing technology

Simply put, white wine is made from white grapes or light-skinned grapes, separated by skin juice and fermented from their pulp; red wine is made from grapes with red skin and white flesh or red skin and flesh, fermented by skin juice and then separated and aged.

Therefore, white wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grape juice by alcoholic fermentation. During the fermentation process, grape juice does not impregnate the solid part of grape. In the process of red wine fermentation, alcohol fermentation and impregnation of solid substances exist simultaneously. Therefore, the color, color and taste of the two kinds of wine will be different.

Two. Color

Red wine is fermented from grape skin with red flesh and white skin or red flesh. The liquor contains colored substances in the skin or flesh, so the color is usually deep ruby red, ruby red, purple red, deep red or brown red. White wine is fermented by peeling white meat grapes or red white meat grapes, so the color is almost colorless, yellowish green, light yellow, pole yellow, golden yellow, etc.


Three, nutritional value

White wine and red wine contain vitamin B, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, acid and benzoic acid and other nutrients, but the proportion of red wine is higher. At the same time, because white wine is brewed from grape juice, the content of tannin is relatively low, while red wine is brewed from the skin, pulp and juice together, the content of tannin is relatively high. Therefore, under normal circumstances, red wine is more stable and has a longer taste.

Four, drinking temperature

Professionals have done experiments on drinking temperatures. Red wine tastes best at 16-18 degrees Celsius, while white wine tastes best at 8-10 degrees Celsius.

Five, taste

Red wine contains more sugar, moderate acidity, sweet taste, and slightly sour taste. White wine has a high acidity, pure taste, sweet and sour taste.

To sum up, white wine and red wine are mainly different in brewing technology, color, nutritional value, drinking temperature and taste, we can choose the most suitable wine according to preference or actual situation.