Environmental requirements for wine tasting

Wine culture

1, light source: the best strong natural light, the background of YISHION white.

2. Odors: clean without any odor, do not put odorous flowers, food, etc., can not smoke, can not use perfume. Keep your mouth clean and avoid spicy or spicy foods before wine tasting.

3. Temperature: Red wine varies from 14 to 18 degrees, white wine from 5 to 15 degrees, champagne from 6 degrees, and sweet wine from 4 degrees.

4. Taste recovery: prepare some white bread and purified water as a taste cleanser during the tasting process.

5. Tasting glass: Different sizes, shapes and materials can not change the quality of the wine, but can let the tasters have a great difference in the view, aroma and taste. For general wines, the national standard cup is a total capacity of 225ML, with a total height of 155MM, a height of 55MM and a length of 100MM. The diameter of cup mouth is 46MM, the thickness of cup foot is 9MM, and the diameter of cup bottom is 65MM. The material is clean and transparent. The narrower cup mouth can collect aroma.