Wine classification

Wine culture

1. Classification by process: stationary wine, sparkling wine, enhanced wine, distilled wine.

A, still wine: during the fermentation process release carbon dioxide, so that the content of less than 0.5 atmospheric pressure, no bubble in the cup.

B, sparkling wine: no carbon dioxide is released during fermentation, such as champagne as the famous sparkling wine.

C. Strengthened wines: wines (such as brandy) with sake added during or after fermentation have an alcohol content of 15% - 22%. Such as Potter in Portugal and sherry in Spain.

D, distilled wine, or brandy, alcohol exceeding 40 degrees, the famous Cognac. (France stipulates that oak barrels are stored for more than 6 years for SO).

2, according to color classification: red wine, white wine, peach red wine.

A, red wine: fermented with skin, divided into purplish red, ruby red, Shi Liuhong and Zonghong.

B, white wine: without skin fermentation, divided into lemon yellow, yellow and amber.

C, peach red wine: also known as rose red wine, mainly from short time skin.

3, according to sugar classification: dry type, semi dry type, semi sweet type and sweet type.

A, dry type: sugar content is not more than 4 grams / liter.

B, semi dry: sugar content is 4-12 grams / liter.

C, semi sweet: sugar content of 12-45 grams / liter.

D, sweet type: sugar content is above 45 grams / liter.