Wine health knowledge

Wine culture

Wine is a high quality beverage with many nutrients. Moderate drinking of wine can directly play a role in the nervous system of the human body and increase the tension of the muscles. In addition, wine contains a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, can be directly absorbed by the human body. Therefore, wine can play a good role in maintaining and regulating the physiological functions of human body. Especially for weak, sleep disorders and elderly people, the effect is better. It can be said that wine is a good tonic. Wine contains a variety of nutrients: amino acids, proteins, vitamin C-B1-B2-B12 and so on. These nutrients benefit from the natural ingredients of grapes and the ingredients produced during the brewing process. They can reduce cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. French people like to eat high fat foods, such as foie liver, but French people have arteries. The prevalence of sclerosis and cardiovascular diseases is the lowest among European countries, thanks to French wines. 2, it can help digestion and promote metabolism. Drinking wine during meals can increase gastric acid content and promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals in food. 3. Wine contains phenol, which has the function of antioxidant and prevents degenerative diseases, such as aging, cataract, immune disorders and some cancers. 4. Diuretic effect 5. Supplementary body calorie, wine caloric value and milk equivalent 6. Prevention of cancer: grape skin contains resveratrol, anti-cancer performance in hundreds of human food plants in the best. It can prevent normal cell canceration and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. 7, beauty and beauty: red wine can prevent aging and reduce wrinkles. In addition to drinking, there are many people like red wine on the face and body surface, because the low concentration of acid has anti-wrinkle cleansing effect. No more than 250 milliliters per day. 8. For male smokers, a glass of red wine a day may reduce the risk of lung cancer by 60%. (for those who do not smoke) wait...

Red wine soaked onion to reduce blood pressure and miraculous effect

Red wine is a healthy food with a magical antioxidant effect, and onions, a common health food in the kitchen, is a gift from nature. When red wine meets onion, its efficacy is magical. Let's go to DIY, the instant health bar.

Health benefits of onion

Onion, also known as onion, originated from Western Europe, is a common family food, used to fry, fry, boil soup are very delicious, but also with fruits and vegetables to make salad.

Onion is a natural food with high efficacy. Specific health benefits are:

Onion can treat neurasthenia and has a sleeping effect.

Onion contains blood pressure components, boiled water can cure hypertension. People who eat one onion a day can keep their heart healthy and lower their bad cholesterol, and it is also pointed out that onions can prevent blood clots. Eating half an onion every day, or drinking equal amount of onion juice, can protect the heart.

Onion is rich in vitamin B1, which can cure athlete's foot.

Onion is also an important vitamin for eliminating fatigue and strengthening the body. It is the source of natural energy.

Eating one onion a day prevents scalp loss. Spreading onions directly on the scalp has a special healing effect.

Salted onions can be used against hard warts. Spread onion juice between your toes and add a teaspoon of onion juice with a teaspoon of vinegar two or three times a day to remove dark spots.

According to research, onion is also an anti-cancer food. It is not easy to get stomach cancer. Researchers in a high incidence of gastric cancer in Shandong Province, China, found that the more onions they ate, the lower the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Onions contain at least three kinds of natural chemicals that are anti inflammatory. They can treat asthma. Because onions inhibit histamine activity, histamine is a chemical that causes asthma allergies; according to German research, onions can reduce the risk of asthma by about half.

There is also a saying among the people that eating onions can help restore sex.

The onion also contains polysaccharides, which have the function of enhancing memory.

In addition, in the early cold will be chopped onions into hot soup, and grind some ginger soup mixed drink, so that the body sweat, has the effect of fever.

If the onion is cut and placed in each room, the infection of bacteria can be eliminated.

If the nose is stuffed, with a small piece of onion against the nostril, onion stimulating odor, will prompt the nose instantly unobstructed. If you cough, wrap chopped onions in gauze and cover your throat to your chest, you can also quickly suppress the cough.

However, the more cooked the onion, the less effective it is.

The amazing effect of onion wine

Soak onions in wine and make health wine. According to the users, the curative effect is surprisingly good. The main health functions are as follows:

Only a small amount of this wine every day has a certain effect on knee pain, cataract, senile dementia and so on.

Drinking this wine can reduce blood sugar. It turns out that onion has an anti-diabetic compound, similar to the commonly used oral hypoglycemic agent mesylate, has the effect of stimulating insulin synthesis and release.

After drinking this wine, the presbyopia will be improved.

For those who frequent night sickness, they will return to normal after two days.

After five years of sleeping, people who fall asleep with sleeping pills have a sleeping effect.

Eyes are often blurred or tired and seriously ill. Drink this wine.